Rampinelli SpA, over a hundred years of economic and entrepreneurial history, a way of devising industry beyond profit, emerges in all its complexity and richness in its alternating phases of great success and moments of crisis. Its unique history and various evolving phases tell the tale of a company endowed with the ability to adapt through changes, distinct strength and unquestionable character.


Founded in 1913 by Mr. Giovanni Rampinelli, blacksmith in Fiorano al Serio, the company expands quickly.
By the end of the 50s, the son G.Battista Rampinelli moves the production site to Albino, building an industrial facility over an area of 19.000 sqm. By this time Rampinelli is operating in the chemical sector, the mining and extractive industry, the papermaking sector and the steel and metal industry, becoming a reference point for Zurich’s Von Roll for the construction of several incineration plants in Italy.


In 1977, following the death of G.Battista Rampinelli, the company passes to the sons Mario, Luciano and Bruno. In the following years the company endures great changes due to the development of production techniques and the rise of new markets. Important partnerships are created with various manufacturers in sectors such as plastic machinery, piling and automotive.
In the last years the company enters new sectors, such as energy, space, marine and oil&gas. In 2012 Rampinelli SpA is certified ISO 9001 and 3834-2.


Today the company, at its 4th generation with the sons Gabriele and Claudio, has a strong impetus to innovation and has identified new opportunities outside Italy. The activity is quickly expanding to Europe and beyond and key collaborations with Industry Leaders are being forged. The company is also diversifying its business in the renewables sector, firmly believing in the Global UN Goals of promoting renewable energies.